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Free Templates for Presentations in PowerPoint format

Let's Get Fancy Easily - How to add music, motion, and more to your presentations in PowerPoint format

Free ECards - Quick, Cute, Interactive, Flash!

Flash Card Maker (free)

QuizStar (free)

Free Safety Coloring Books

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Free Online Encyclopedias, Magazines, Research Engines

Free Flash Vortex - Buttons, Banners, Clocks

Internet Magic - Free Stuff for Educators (wow! What a list! Compiled by Patti Tjomsland, Mark Morris High School)

Free Teacher Tips & Tools

Free Stuff for Kids & Teachers - Keeping Our Planet Green

Freeware - Totally Free Software

Substitute Teaching Lesson Plan to Keep Handy

Handling No-Name Papers

Vocabulary Drill

Social Studies Skills Tutor

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