The Middle Ages for Kids and Teachers Illustration

The Middle Ages

Enter the Age of Knights and Lords and Ladies and Serfs - Welcome to the Middle Ages in Europe for Kids and Teachers!

Daily Life

Daily Life

Medieval Castles

Nobility - Kings, Lords, Ladies, Knights

The Manor House

Commoners -
Peasants & Serfs



Clothing & Jewelry

Becoming a Knight

Code of Chivalry

Weapons, Tools

Coat of Arms, Shields, Heraldry

Mythical Medieval Beasts

Jousts & Tournaments

Medieval Music & Dance


Feasts & Foods

Trade Fairs, Marketplaces

Banks, Money

Rise of Towns
(Serfs Buy Their Freedom, End of Feudalism)


The Bubonic Plague

Power of the Secular Rulers


Anglo Saxons

The Franks, Charlemagne

Trial by Ordeal vs. Jury

Education and Preservation

Pope Adrian & Charlemagne

Pope Leo III & Charlemagne

Holy Roman Emperor
(Pope Leo Gets Even)

End of the Frankish Empire

The Manorial System


Feudalism & Vassals

Norman Conquest of England
(William the Conqueror, Battle of Hastings, Great Council)

The Bayeux Tapestry

The Domesday Book

King John & the
Magna Carta 1215

Tudors & Stuarts


Power of the Catholic Church

Parish Priests and the Sacraments

Medieval Nuns, Monks, Benedictine Rule

Medieval Abbots, Bishops, Cardinals, Pope

Church Councils and
Religious Beggars, Friars

The Inquisition

The Crusades

Effects of the Crusades


Stained Glass Windows

Holy Relics

Illuminated Manuscripts
(& the Book of Kells)

Gregorian Chants

Medieval Plays, Drama
(Mystery, Miracle, Morality)




Famous Literature
(Beowulf, Song of Roland, Divine Comedy, Canterbury Tales, Robin Hood, King Arthur)

Olde English Language


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