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for American History

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  1. FOR KIDS: Native Americans for Kids - learning modules for kids with free games, activities, original lesson plans by Lin & Don Donn, original myths and stories by Lin Donn

  2. FOR KIDS:  Explorers, Mostly New World

  3. FOR KIDS: Colonial America, the 13 Colonies for Kids - learning modules for kids with free games & activities

  4. For Teachers: 1629 - The Salem Witch Trials Lesson Plan and Activities - Mrs. Donn's Lesson Plan

  5. FOR KIDS: American Revolution for Kids - learning modules for kids with free games & activities

  6. For Teachers: American Revolution UNIT  Mr. Donn's Unit (several lesson plans)

  7. FOR KIDS: US Government, A New Nation for Kids - learning modules for kids with free games & activities

  8. For Teachers: US Constitution - Lesson #1, Lesson #2 (Mr. Donn)

  9. FOR KIDS: Western Expansion - learning modules for kids with free games and activities

  10. FOR KIDS: American Civil War for Kids - learning modules for kids with free games & activities

  11. FOR KIDS: World War I

  12. FOR KIDS: The Roaring 20s

  13. For Teachers: Poetry Slam, Harlem Renaissance

  14. FOR KIDS: The Great Depression

  15. For Teachers: Supreme Court Landmark Cases - Plessy v. Ferguson - Mr. Donn's lesson plan

  16. For Teachers: Progressive Party - La Follette Platform - Mr. Donn's lesson plan

  17. For Teachers: The Great Depression - FDR's Fireside Chats - Mr. Donn's lesson plan

  18. For Teachers: Great Depression - Music of the Great Depression - Mr. Donn's lesson plan

  19. For Teachers: World War II: The Home Front (5-7 days) World War II Mini-Unit with 7 handouts

  20. FOR KIDS & TEACHERS: Civil Rights, Segregation, 1935 1945, 1955 (2-3 days) Lesson Plan with 3 handouts. This was truly a family effort. The lesson plan is Don's, supported by 2 original short stories - Back of the Bus and Welcome Home - written by Lin's author/artist mother, Dorothy Scalzo. Plus Lin's write-up on Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott  Plus Lin created a PowerPoint on Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, illustrated by Phillip Martin for use in class.

  21. For Teachers: Symbols - Smokey the Bear & the Forestry Special Free Classroom Play, Free Smokey Bookmarks to make, Smokey Bear Radio Copy from the 1954 Campaign

  22. For Teachers: Visit the 1962 Seattle World's Fair - Mrs. Donn's Lesson Plan, Learning Module.

  23. For Teachers: Chillalley, a Halloween lesson plan and activity

  24. FOR KIDS & TEACHERS: Ask Mr. Donn - interactive, several quizzes on various topics above

  25. See individual units for more

Special Learning Modules for Kids

1930's Life on the Farm during the Great Depression - Not everyone felt the effects of the depression in the same manner. People who had little to begin with had always coped. These short stories share the daily life and adventures of one such family, and the success they achieved with a mere seven acres of land in the 1930's. These short stories were written by Lin's author/artist mother, Dorothy Scalzo.

Free Presentations
in PowerPoint format

Retold by Lin Donn; Illustrated by Phillip Martin

The Invisible Warrior (Woodland Indians, A Cinderella Story)

Wise Owl (Northeast Woodland Indians, an Iroquois Myth)

Clever Coyote (Plains Indians, a Buffalo Story)

Child of Water & Little Blue Rock (Southwest Indians, An Apache Myth)

How Raven Stole Crow's Potlatch (NW Pacific Coastal Indians)

Was Columbus Smart about Safety?

Halloween Bats

The Ghost With the Most

Kwanzaa (African American)

Groundhog Day

Presidents Day

Black History Month - Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks,
and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Daylight Savings Time - the second Sunday in March

April Fool's Day - the first day in April

Earth Day Every Day

Mother's Day

Father's Day

July 4th - Independence Day

Grandparents Day

The Trouble With Time


Ancient Myths & Folktales
for Kids (Word format)

Retold by Lin Donn

Wise Owl (Iroquois Myth)

How Raven Stole Crow's Potlatch (NW Coastal Pacific Myth)

Clever Coyote (Comanche Myth)

Child of Water and Little Blue Rock (Apache Myth)


The Americas - South and Central

For Kids, by Lin Donn

The Inca Empire

The Maya Empire

The Aztec Empire

Place of the Prickly Pear Cactus (Aztec)

Journey of a Princess (Aztec, grades 6-12)

The Hero Twins (PowerPoint, Mayas)

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