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  1. The Middle Ages for Kids - Learning modules, European Medieval Times - from the dark ages to the Renaissance - feudalism, the church, castles and commoners, rise of towns, crusades, the plague, the triumphs, the defeats, the Magna Carta and more.

  2. Feudal Japan: S.P.A.M. (Samurai, Peasant, Artisan, Merchant) - (1 day) Lesson Plan, Game.

  3. Russia: Start of the Russian Revolution - (3-4 days) Lesson Plan.

  4. World Cultures: What is Culture? (90 minutes) Lesson Plan with handout

  5. Australia's Great Barrier Reef (2-3 days) Lesson Plan and Personalities Handout.
    See also: Australia

  6. India/Pakistan Dispute over Kashmir (4 days) Mini-Unit with Background and Handouts

  7. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2 days) Simulation for the Classroom with background, role descriptions

  8. Colonial Mexico The Pre-Independence Mexican Indian Uprisings; Did they help or hinder Mexico's drive to independence from Spain? (Rise of Democratic Ideas; 19th Century, 9th-grade World History) This is a learning module Don created in college. It had useful information, so I threw it online. Hope it helps!

  9. Holidays Around the World - Ancient Roots, Modern Holidays; mini-learning modules for over 30 different holidays, with holiday games, lesson plans, activities, for the classroom.

  10. WW2 - The Home Front

    WW2 - Leaders in the News

    WW2 - Headlines in the News

    WW2 - More Lesson Ideas - Neutrality, National Interest, Hiroshima