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Intro to Sociology, including Founding Fathers, Culture, Status, Roles, Social Stereotypes, Social Stratification, Social Institutions, Society Family Relationship, Social Inequalities, Aging, and more

Sociology - Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Sociology for Kids - Free Interactive Online Games & Quizzes

Self Esteem Lesson Plans

Awesome Library (search for self esteem)

Friendship Lesson Plans

Friendship Lesson Plans

Friendship Games

Kindness Lesson Plans

Be Kind (Clifford, the Big Red Dog)

K is for Kind

Feelings, Emotions Lesson Plans


Brain-Based Learning and Feelings (KWL)

Emotion in Art and Poetry

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Critical Thinking

Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric

Whatever Happened to the Passenger Pigeon? (science)

Character, Ethics, Value

Learning to Give (K-2)

Activities: Character Building


Giraffe Project - Heroes


Character Education (A-Z Teacher)


Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans & Activities

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Online GAMES

Bullying - Free Presentations

School Violence

Gangs & School Violence

Fads & Culture

America in the 60's: Culture and Counter-culture (units)

What is culture? lesson plan (Donn)

Holidays Around the World

Multiple Intelligences

Technology & Multiple Intelligences

Problem Solving

Problem Solving: Definition, Terminology, and Patterns

Building a Classroom Community

Bully-free Zone (grades 3-7)

Managing Your Classroom

Social Skills Lesson Plans

Social Interaction Lesson Plans

Health Education

Health & Nutrition

General Guidance & Counseling

Guidance & Counseling

General Psychology

C.G. Jung Page

Psychology Links (huge list, Mr. Walls Psych Class)

Psychology Lesson Plans & Resources

Fun Games that Teach

Kid Psych (ages 1-5, ages 6-9) shockwave games

Huge List of Free Online  Games & Activities