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These activities were written for grades 6-9 but can be adapted for any grade level.
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  1. The American Revolution Learning Modules for Kids

  2. The American Civil War Learning Modules for Kids

  3. World War II: The Home Front (5-7 days) World War II Mini-Unit with 7 handouts

  4. World War II - Lesson Plans (Neutrality, National Interest, Hiroshima)

  5. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2 days) Simulation for the Classroom with background, role descriptions

  6. India/Pakistan Dispute over Kashmir (4 days) Mini-Unit with Background and Handouts

  7. Propaganda Techniques Can YOU find the secret messages hidden in propaganda? It's not as easy as you might think. What is propaganda anyway? (Gulf War)

  8. Russia: Start of the Russian Revolution - (3-4 days) Lesson Plan. See also: Russian Revolution

  9. Colonial Mexico Learning module. The Pre-Independence Mexican Indian Uprisings; Did they help or hinder Mexico's drive to independence from Spain? (Rise of Democratic Ideas; 19th Century, 9th-grade World History) 

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